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FTTH Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit, Optical Fiber Cleaner Tools with Fiber Cleaning Cassette for FC SC ST LC MU Connectors, 1.25mm/ 2.5mm Fiber Cleaner Pens, Cleaning Swabs Wipes


  • What’s Inside the Kit – Fiber Cleaning Cassette, 1.25mm and 2.5mm One Click Fiber Cleaning Pens; Cleaning Cotton Swab; Dust-free Paper, Air Blowing and Brush, Alcohol Pump Bottle; Water-proof Carry Bag.
  • Why Do You Need This Kit – Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures are caused by contamination on the optical connector end-face. For best optical performance, it is imperative that all optical fiber connections are clean and free of contaminants.
  • This is a Practical and Useful Tool Kit – We carefully select and group those fiber optic cleaning products which are essentials for your fiber optic cleaning tasks. They can effectively and quickly clean connector end-faces, remove dust, oil, and other debris.
  • A Cost-effective Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kit – Fiber Clean Cassette can be used more than 550 times for FC, SC, ST, LC, while 1.25mm / 2.5mm One Click Fiber Cleaner Pens can be used more than 800 times. Low cost per clean.
  • Superior Quality Products for Wide Application – for using on fusion splice prep, connector end-faces on jumpers and through bulkhead adapters, can effectively prepare fusion splicing, clean connectors, maximizing network performance.
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Fiber Cleaning Cassette – 1 Piece

  • Applications: SC, FC, ST, LC
  • High-density fine textile fiber
  • Cleaning effect:-20~-50dB 
  • More than 550 times cleaning
  • Cleaning core can be replaced
  • Size: 125*80*35 mm

2.5mm One Click Cleaner Pen – 1 Piece

1.25mm One Click Cleaner Pen – 1 Piece

  • 2.5mm type for FC, SC, ST connector
  • 1.25mm type for LC, MU connector
  • Made from anti-static resin
  • Disposable with 800+ cleanings per unit
  • Cleaning system rotates 180 for a full sweep
  • Size: 185*25*25 mm

Cotton Swabs

  • 2.5mm sponge head optical fiber cleaning rod
  • 100 pcs per bag

Air Blower and Brush

  • Hard-Plastic nozzle with inlet-valve
  • Gently remove dust off

Fiber Cleaning Paper

  • 50 pcs per bag
  • Recyclable

Pump Bottle – 1 Piece

  • Hinged cover ensures the reagents are not contaminated when not in use
  • Push down on the dispenser and the liquid will rise to the surface instantly, no waste
  • Lockable design head, prevent mistakenly press

Carry Bag – 1 Piece

  • Water-proof
  • 230*140*100mm

Additional information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 8.23 × 5.63 × 4.45 cm

8.23 x 5.63 x 4.45 inches


1.34 pounds




AUA Cleaning Kit 1


January 31, 2021